Next to the studio David Laport works as a freelance designer on commission. David designs made-to-measure like red carpet, unique made-to-measure pieces and also bridal-wear. Besides that he works for the fashion-, film-, dance- and music industry, commercials, art projects and performances. In consultation with the client David produces a made-to-measure look, uniquely for the occasion and perfect fitted to the client. These designs are custom to your preference and price range. 
David has happily worked on red carpet gowns for singer Solange Knowles, actress Thekla Reuten, Kim van Kooten etc. Also performance dress for singer Sia and Jessie J. Besides that he collaborated with companies like the Dutch National Ballet, De Bijenkorf, Blue Concepts, WE Fashion, Wella, MVO Nederland etc. 
David Laport is always open for a consult to discuss possible options as silhouette, fabric and fitting details. Feel free to contact us for your bespoke tailoring.




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