A bigger splash


David Laport has been announced winner of the International Woolmark Prize Europe 2017/18


With A Bigger Splash by David Hockney as inspiration, the David Laport Woolmark Collection is created. When you look at the painting it feels like the water comes off the painting and splashes in your face. I wanted this unique captured moment of water in action, the ‘splash’, translated into the collection by fabric development and design. The colors of the collection: pink, orange, white, blue and black are inspired by the bright, dynamic extraordinary color usage and Californian vibe of the Hockney painting. 


The collection is solely made out of six uniquely developed merino wool fabrics, embracing and showing its versatility. Unique merino wool fishnets, crepes and fringe fabrics in different colors and forms are the result of the fabric innovation journey.


All together these specially developed fabrics make a coherent, vibrant, unique and contemporary collection.
In short the 2018/19 Fall Woolmark Collection has the David Laport aesthetics written all over it. David Laport designs are known for their contemporaneity through fabric use and color and have classical inspired silhouettes. Distinctively discreet designs for the new modern classic women, who are strong, sophisticated, feminine, and know what they want.


photographed by Ruben de Wilde